Old Princeton: Charles Hodge Podcast

This week on Theology on the Go, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by Dr. Andrew Hoffecker, Professor of Church History (Emeritus) at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Hoffecker has written and edited several books, including a two-volume series on Christian worldview.  He is also the author of Charles Hodge: the Pride of Princeton in the American Reformed Biographies series published by P&R.  Today Dr. Master will be talking to Dr. Hoffecker about Old Princeton Professor Charles Hodge.

Over the next several weeks, Theology on the Go will focus on Old Princeton and the theologians that made her great.  In order to make this series even more special, The Banner of Truth Trust has graciously donated several books on old Princeton to be given away throughout the series!  This week we are giving away A. A. Hodge's book, The Life of Charles Hodge.


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Matthew D. Tinton Falls, NJ

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