Philip Ryken
Nine years ago, Philip Ryken reflected on his two decades of marriage to Lisa. We revisit that article today as an encouragement and reminder: whether joy or sorrow, God remains faithful.Continue reading.
Ian Hamilton
We are one body, a Church united in Christ Jesus. So when it comes to benefiting from the Lord's Supper, the question isn't a matter of "I," but "we."...Continue reading.
Derek Thomas
Humans crave real, solid hope, but they cannot find it in worldly philosophies like existentialism or humanism. True hope lies only in Jesus Christ, and nothing less.Continue reading.
Liam Goligher
Joseph will not get much press this Christmas. He’ll be around of course, often as no more than a prop to make the Holy Family appear like a normal family. But Joseph is just there. We ask why.Continue reading.
Jon Domm
God created the first Adam in His own image, and appointed him to rule over the works of His hands. He also gave him a commandment. Gen. 2:16, 17: “Of all the trees of the garden you may freely eat. But from the one tree—the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—you may not eat. For in the day you...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
I was in a store just a couple of days ago when a smiling clerk asked if she could help my wife and me with some pictures we were admiring. However, talk about beautiful pictures gave way to a less than attractive reality. When we were finished, we asked where she would spend Thanksgiving. That’...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
In the previous articles, I have suggested that C.S. Lewis’s article, “First and Second Things” provides an understanding as to why pastors experience burnout. Lewis said that when first things are eclipsed by second things both are lost. In the first post, I suggested that a way of avoiding or...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
Pastoral burnout is a significant problem in the church today. In the last article, I suggested that C.S. Lewis’s article, “First and Second Things” might be helpful in diagnosing the problem. Lewis said that when first things are eclipsed by second things both things are lost. In that first post...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
Recently, I was reading C. S. Lewis’s article, “First and Second Things.” His thesis is compelling. Simply stated, when the main thing is eclipsed by secondary things both things are lost to us. His example of the woman who makes a dog the center of her universe is humorous. The poor woman loses...Continue reading.
Liam Goligher
Throughout history, people have been fascinated by angels, those mysterious beings who pop up in Scripture at important times. Around the Christmas story, there are lots of angels.Continue reading.