Jonathan Master
Yesterday, I had the privilege of addressing a chapel full of students on the subject of their spiritual lives. The title which I was assigned was taken from an address given over 100 years ago by B.B. Warfield, "The Religious Life of Theological Students."...Continue reading.
Pierce Hibbs
When did you die? Michael Allen Rogers wrote recently that he died in 1957, when he was just eight years old.[1] Personally, I've had several near-death experiences, but I didn't really die until 2006, partway through my undergraduate studies. The experience was simply unparalleled. All I...Continue reading.
David Hall
Toward the very end of Jesus' earthly ministry, he enters Jerusalem-knowingly headed to the Lamb's slaughter. With less than a week of his mortal life remaining, would-be kings or rulers would not have spent their time with the least influential in society...Continue reading.
Pierce Hibbs
When my wife and I moved into our house in the early spring, the two trees in the back yard were charming, their trunks splitting and winding like strands of hair, their leaves just beginning to bud. From what we could see, they added allure to the property, which was complemented by the rest of...Continue reading.
Pierce Hibbs
The greatest threat to the Gospel in our age is not unbelief. It is not relativism or open hostility to the "narrow" Christian tradition. It is not even the hypocrisy of the church, which holds up the white banner of faith for all to see and then spatters it with the mud of pretense. As...Continue reading.
James Dolezal
According to Herman Bavinck, it is only the Christian faith that consistently maintains both God's absoluteness and his intimate, personal nearness to creatures. All unbelieving philosophies inevitably pit one against the other. Pantheism, for instance, dissolves God's transcendence and...Continue reading.
Carl Trueman
I offered a longer review of David's book over at First Thoughts a few weeks ago so my overall appreciation of David's analysis and argument should be evident. Thus, here I want to offer a line of critique or, if not critique, at least a proposal as to what is further needed in order for...Continue reading.
James Dolezal
In an age when "knowing" and "comprehending" are generally taken to be interchangeable concepts, to confess God as incomprehensible may seem odd. Yet such was nearly the universal confession of the Church prior to the Modern period.[1] Moreover, God's incomprehensibility...Continue reading.
Richard Phillips
I have been preaching long enough to have now completed a number of different expository series. Few have been so challenging and have impacted me so greatly as the preaching of Revelation, which I complete this week. Revelation is a book that requires quite a bit of work to preach - many weeks...Continue reading.
Stephen Unthank
Thomas Brooks, in his work The Secret Key to Heaven, gives a brief but wonderful insight into the nature of true prayer. He writes, God looks not at the elegancy of your prayers, to see how neat they are; nor yet at the geometry of your prayers to see how long they are; nor yet at the arithmetic of...Continue reading.