Jonathan Master
Today, Pastor Danny Hyde gives us an early glimpse of his messages at the upcoming Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology in April. The conference is on the Holy Spirit and Danny’s knowledge on the subject is primarily Scriptural but also very personal. He gives us a little bit of his...Continue reading.
Stephen Unthank
Private Prayer is the life source for every true believer. And yet, while we would acknowledge the truth that praying is to the Christian as breathing is to any living creature, we would also admit along with Martin Luther that prayer is “the hardest work of all...a labor above all labors, since he...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
One of the most important things we need to pray for is our evangelistic efforts. When we fail to pray for our evangelism efforts we could be in danger of acting as if it is within our ability to save individuals. Because God is the great Savior, saving people in Jesus Christ, we must pray and ask...Continue reading.
Michael Roberts
There are any number of passages on prayer to which one could turn. But there is something powerfully succinct about Paul’s words in Colossians 4: “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (v. 2). Here we have directions concerning our attitude and response, which...Continue reading.
Rachel Miller
One of the frequently asked questions about God's sovereignty is: if God is sovereign, why pray? On the one hand, it is an understandable question. If we believe that God is in control of all things and has ordained “whatsoever comes to pass, ” why should we pray to Him? He already knows our...Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
This week on Theology on the Go, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by Dr. Gary Millar. Gary has been the Principal of Queensland Theological College (QTC) since the start of 2012. After studying chemistry in his home city of Belfast, Gary moved to Aberdeen in Scotland to study theology, before...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
I recently read an article that offered a disturbing statistic. The author claimed that 40% of students who enter college will not complete their degree. He also claimed that over 60% of this group would not drop out due to financial reasons but a good number would stop because they simply don’t...Continue reading.
Martin Blocki
The Westminster Confession of Faith has stood the test of time as an example of mature and sober reflection upon the teachings of scripture (and their application to life and culture). For generations “the heads” of systematic theology have followed the outline and teaching of the Confession. It...Continue reading.
John Hartley
It is possible to make disciples that are just too new. Case in point. In his book, The Creedal Imperative (Crossway, 2012), Carl Trueman relays the story of a pastor who regularly declared his devotion to Scripture by dismissing creeds and confessions. With the Bible held high before his church,...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Waddington
One of the landmark documents of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643-1653) is the Confession of Faith. This confession was created to provide a doctrinal basis for unity across the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Although in God’s inscrutable providence the confession did...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
When it comes to the Westminster Confession of the Faith, we often do not think very much about how we might be able to study the Confession’s use of Scripture. In fact, most of us probably do not get very far beyond acknowledging the proof texts that the Confession offers. Yet the use of Scripture...Continue reading.