Jonathan Master
James and Jonathan welcome Pierce Taylor Hibbs. He’s the associate director of the Center for Theological Writing at Westminster Theological Seminary. ...Continue reading.
John Hartley
What would happen if all the churches of Jesus Christ woke up this Sunday with no access to electricity? Suppose we all suddenly lived in a world where the federal government rationed electricity for the next ten years. For the good of the country. Sunday officially became low-kilowatt day. Just...Continue reading.
Joel Wood
A friend of mine, a fellow pastor, spent some time as an ultra-runner. Most runners, who run with any sort of seriousness, seem to knock out a 5k or 10k for fun. Some of those will take some more time to train and get a 1/2 Marathon done. Fewer are those who go the whole 26.2 miles for Marathoner...Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
Jonathan and James are joined by Michael Card. Michael is a singer-song writer, author, and Bible teacher. He has recorded over 37 albums and has authored a number of books. ...Continue reading.
Stephen Unthank
Not too long ago at a small party, I was chatting with a young lady who had just switched churches. She had left a rather large, seeker-sensitive type of church in the Washington D.C. area, a church which put a lot of emphasis on the worship experience. And she had now joined a much smaller,...Continue reading.
Martin Blocki
I have benefitted greatly from the teaching ministry of the late R.C. Sproul. Years ago, God used Dr. Sproul’s teaching to open my eyes to the surpassing greatness of the gospel. The gospel grew in “size” and beauty as I began to embrace Reformed Theology. I remember listening to Dr. Sproul...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
The Bible is very clear that those who make genuine professions of faith will continue in those confessions of faith. The genuine believer will bear fruit as a consequence of God’s working in them. Thus, Scripture often brings to the believer this motivating command: bear fruit. We are to “work out...Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
Can we claim the doctrine of perseverance is the distinct doctrine in the Reformed tradition? Jay Collier does. When thinking about the Reformed faith, we typically about think election and predestination. But in his recent book, Jay makes a strong case for the distinctiveness of the perseverance...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
Quite a while ago, I met a woman with whom I had attended a particular church several years earlier. At the time of our meeting we were both worshiping in different congregations. In the midst of the conversation, having discovered that I was reformed in my theology, she informed me that she too...Continue reading.
David Smith
Within Reformed theology there is an emphasis on the “already, but not yet” aspect of the Christian faith and life. It’s an emphasis, though, that is not merely within Reformed theology but more importantly Scripture. Our Triune Lord has already accomplished all his promises (Gen. 17:5; Ex. 2:23-25...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
When we consider the Biblical doctrine of sanctification, it is important to recognize how the doctrine is often portrayed in Scripture. It is organized first around who we are and then second around how we should live. The Bible first establishes who the believer is in Christ and makes statements...Continue reading.