Jonathan Master
This week on Theology on the Go, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn. Dr. VanDixhoorn is Associate Professor of Church History at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington D.C.. He is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary (MDiv, ThM) and the University of Cambridge...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
One of the most important things you can do with your family is read the Bible together with them. Children are never to young nor too old for you to engage them in Bible reading, study, and devotions as a family together. Honestly, if your family is anything like my family, it can be difficult to...Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
This week on Theology on the Go, our host, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by the Rev. Todd Pruitt. Rev. Pruitt is a speaker on the Mortification of Spin podcast. A native of Houston, Texas, Todd served as youth pastor in churches in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Todd was called as the...Continue reading.
Grant Van Leuven
To guide God’s saints in readying themselves for the reception of His preached Word each Lord’s Day, this earthen vessel shares his own weekly preparation to proclaim it to them as a model to modify and use.Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
We here at Theology on the Go want to help you to help others. Often we are in a conversation with someone on a topic that we know we have seen on Theology on the Go but the podcast and articles are scattered over a two-week period, which is great for slow digestion of good spiritual food but not...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Waddington
Presbyterians put great stock in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as an ordinary means of grace. In it, believers feed upon Christ by his Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. But the Lord’s Supper is not a bare naked, self-interpreting sign. It’s rich meaning and deep significance derive...Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
This week on Theology on the Go, our host, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by the Rev. Dr. Gregory K. Beale (PhD, Cambridge). Dr. Beale holds the J. Gresham Machen Chair of New Testament and is professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.Continue reading.
Martin Blocki
Recognizing that the fear of man is a snare and that this snare will, in the context of presbytery decisions, result in harm to the people of God, I have determined to endeavor to speak and vote my conscience without consideration of what my fellow Presbyters think of me. Do I do this perfectly?...Continue reading.
Michael Matossian
In the Protestant family of churches, the phrase “church tradition” raises a red flag and is almost immediately rejected as an assault on the Bible’s authority. After all, sola Scriptura is a key Protestant rallying cry. At the same time, our churches have a plethora of their own traditions—...Continue reading.
Jeffrey Stivason
Some words are difficult to like. Do you know what I mean? Maybe I am not being clear. There are various reasons why we may not like this word or that. Some may be on unfriendly terms with a word because it is difficult to spell (think handkerchief - good thing for auto spell!). A few may avoid...Continue reading.
Tim Bertolet
“The preaching of the Word of God is the Word of God.” This line from the Second Helvetic Confession summarizes how we should think of the Biblical authority exercised in the pulpit. We see this concept reflected in Scripture, when someone preaches they are bringing the Word of God with authority.Continue reading.