Joel Wood
The Apostles’ Creed has long been admired, memorized, and confessed in worship due to its simplicity in form, clear statement of factual belief, and its brief summary of vital, core theological points. Christians in all ages have needed those creedal hooks upon which to hang their hats of...Continue reading.
Ian Hamilton
We are one body, a Church united in Christ Jesus. So when it comes to benefiting from the Lord's Supper, the question isn't a matter of "I," but "we."...Continue reading.
Simonetta Carr
Basil of Caesarea is mostly known for his theological clarity at a time when important Christian doctrines on the Trinity and the nature of Christ were being debated and refined. A few know him for his charitable works on behalf of the poor and ill.Continue reading.
Dan Doriani
Over the last year, I have interviewed a number of believers who are trying to love their neighbors and change the way work is done in their field. Listening to them, I have come to a clearer understanding of the way social reform works. Generally speaking, people who bring positive reform normally...Continue reading.
Derek Thomas
Humans crave real, solid hope, but they cannot find it in worldly philosophies like existentialism or humanism. True hope lies only in Jesus Christ, and nothing less.Continue reading.
Jonathan Master
Jonathan and James meet with Craig Carter to talk about his recent book, considered (by some) to be controversial--Interpreting Scriptures with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis.Continue reading.
Grant Van Leuven
A fashion designer goes about creating clothes for people with a keen sense of how the parts and the whole will best fit together. The designer does not just throw fabric, thread, and needles into the wind but carefully draws patterns and then every stitch brings the pieces together. So ... God...Continue reading.
David Smith
Genesis 1-2 reveals that God created in an orderly way and a cosmic order with everything having a function based on what he created it to be. In other words, when we use the phrase “the design of creation” we ought to understand the word “creation” as both a noun and a verb. Creation refers not...Continue reading.
Mark Johnston
It is fascinating to see how St Paul looks back over his Christian life in face of his fast approaching departure from this world. Writing to Timothy, he describes it as a race to be run, a faith to be kept and also as a fight to be fought (2 Ti 4.7). Each metaphor sheds its own light on how we...Continue reading.