Calvin for 2020

"What is it about Calvin that so inspires me? This: his disciplined style, his determination never to speculate, his utter submission to Bible words as God's words, his submission to Christ's Lordship, his sense of the holy, his concern to be as practical as possible; the fact that godly living was his aim and not theology for the sake of it. In a forest of theologians, Calvin stands like a Californian Redwood, towering over everyone else." — Derek Thomas

In that spirit, the Alliance is happy to once again offer a free, year-long reading schedule through Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. Beginning in mid-January, this schedule will keep you on-track as you work your way through the deep doctrines of our Faith. 

As an added bonus, the Alliance is also offering a companion devotional, Zeal for Godliness, at an 80% discount. Read one page each day from pastors and scholars as they explore and explain the riches of the Institutes and its relevance for us today.  

May you be blessed in the coming year as you study to the glory of God!


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Robert Brady