Christians Must Protest Pride Parades and Their Violent, Sodom-like, Riotous Stonewall Origin

During this month, as the LGBTQ+ community annually parades its banner colors they blasphemously hijack from God’s noahic covenant,[1] Christians will benefit revisiting Genesis 19:1-25[2] (as Carl Trueman has recently called for such posts in this World Magazine article)Here, God visited Sodom and destroyed the sexually wicked majority while mercifully rescuing the righteous remnant within it.

Look to Lot as your example of righteous living amidst wickedness. 

Lot responded to the angels’ presence exactly like his uncle Abraham, with reverence, deference, supplication, faith, and obedience.  While in the midst of a diseased orchard of wickedness, yet Lot grew and produced different fruit while righteously grieving over the filthy debauchery of his neighbors (2 Peter 2:7-8).

As God’s chosen, Christians must carefully choose how to live where they live.  You are not to be anything like those living around you.  Especially if it is a place like Sodom.

See how Sodom is a warning for you to be in the world but not of it.

As Genesis 13:13 forecasted, … the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly, so in Genesis 18:20-21, God revealed to Abraham that there were not even 10 righteous left to justify sparing the city. 

The angels sent by God found the Sodomites to be inflamed with unnatural sexual relations warned about as a final judgment upon a people gone wild in Romans 1:24-28.[3]  All the men, young and old, tried to force themselves inside Lot’s house to sodomize his visitors!  They despised his appeals, pushed in further, and threatened worse evil upon him!  The angels pulled Lot in, barricaded the door, and blinded the aggressors.

That scene is eerily similar to what the LGBTQ+ movement points to as its shining coming out moment.  As the PBS video program American Experience documents,[4] in New York City, when homosexual marriage was legalized, many rushed to the Stonewall Inn at Greenwich Village to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots.  Thousands of gay men had surrounded NYPD respondents inside the notorious gay bar, lit with fire, which the police had raided due to reports of what was then illegal.  The entrapped officers said they thought they would die.  One sergeant recalled it was as bad as any situation he had faced serving in the army.

Some onlooking homosexuals described the others involved in the uproar as “ferocious,” screaming and yelling with enraged faces.  Several tore out a parking meter to use as a battering ram and tried breaking open the entrance door.  One of the rioters said, “Our goal was to hurt those police.  I wanted to kill those cops.  And the cops ‘got that.’ They were lucky that door was closed. They were very lucky.”

All night, the gay men chased and beat police reinforcements, throwing garbage cans of fire at them and slitting tires.  In proud recollection, one of the Sodom-like uprising participants said, “There is a place for violence.” 

Days later, the same Stonewall rioters followed up their so called “revolution” with an aggressive parade of several thousand into Central Park, which was the beginning of gay pride parades invading our cities across America! 

A representative for one of the nascent movement’s Mattachine Societies explained that they were not then seeking legalization of homosexual marriage and adoption, but only of homosexuality.  Yet today both have also been forced upon our nation’s laws.

Do not give in.  Fire and brimstone is coming.

Your righteous God will destroy such wicked defiance of Him.

In vs. 13, the Lord said He would level Sodom due to the wicked outcry so offensively loud in His ears.  In vss. 23-25, God burned them to oblivion with fire and brimstone.  Soon, Jesus says He will judge the world as thoroughly as in the days of Noah—but with a flood of fire liken to Sodom’s annihilation (Luke 17:28-32; 2 Peter 2:4-9).

For now, the movement presses all around us.  But do not be afraid, Christian.

Your merciful God will rescue you from wicked men.

In vss. 10-22, after God’s examination, He planned swift extermination. But before that, He led a merciful evacuation of His redeemed.  So too, the Church will be saved from the wicked on Judgment Day.

Still, in the mean time, without our own righteous protests, perhaps our silence will one day make it too dangerous to shelter visitors in our own homes, like righteous Lot.

Grant Van Leuven has been feeding the flock at the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA, since 2010.  He and his wife, Fernanda, have six covenant children: Rachel, Olivia, Abraham, Isaac, Gabriel, and Gideon.  He earned his M.Div. at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

[1] Genesis 9:13-18. 

[2] To listen to a sermon on this text by the author from which this article is largely derived, visit

[3] Because, Sexual Sins Always Sink Lower: for a sermon by the author on this title and Leviticus 18:21-21, visit  Note that the degradation of sexual sins forbidden ended with the grouping of homosexuality as among the worse offenses against God and society along with idolatrous infanticide and bestiality. 

[4] “Stonewall Uprising: The Year that Changed America,” prod. and dir. Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, 82 min., American Experience (season 23, episode 9), 2010, online video stream at


Grant Van Leuven