Eternally Begotten Podcast

What is Eternal Generation? Dr. Fred Sanders, professor of theology in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, CA, has written much about the topic. He recently co-edited Retrieving Eternal Generation, a set of essays focused on the Father-Son relationship and on the Son’s begottenness or "fromness", as Dr. Sanders puts it. Today, he meets with Jonathan and James to talk about the importance of Christ's eternal generation from the Father, in order to have a biblical doctrine of the Trinity.

How do we get this doctrine from Scripture? Can we have a doctrine without having the exact words from the text? To answer these and other questions, Dr. Sanders gives us an overview of what is at the heart of the doctrine of the trinity and points us to the wealth of evidence found in Scripture. Listen to and be sharpened by this conversation!

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Jonathan Master