Free Will: Fact or Misconception? Podcast

Do Calvinists believe in free will? Jonathan and James point to the Westminster Confession of Faith chapter 9 to help us tackle this turbulent topic. The Confession is very careful to qualify what it means for man to have free will while establishing the boundaries of human freedom.

What does it mean to be “bound,” or to experience the loss of free will? If we affirm that man is free, well…what is man free from? What is he free for? This mind-expanding conversation will help calibrate your thinking!

Show Notes

·  The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther

The following listeners received a copy of The Way of Life by Charles Hodge thanks to our friends at Banner of Truth:

Jonathan G. from Shippensburg, PA

Mark L. from Altoona, PA

Cindy B. from Borger, TX


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