Hell Podcast

Hell Podcast

We managed to catch Jonathan and James in their offices having a conversation about hell. The topic might not be a very popular one, but—if Scripture addresses it—we should pay attention to it.

The Bible uses a few different words referring to hell, describing it as a place of punishment. But, is the word punishment used in the sense of "retribution," or as meaning "corrective and rehabilitating?" What does scripture describe as being the real purpose of hell, and how does that purpose glorify God? Don’t miss this fascinating conversation.

Show Notes

Matthew 25

Hebrews 9:27

2 Thessalonians 1

Daniel 12

Congratulations to the winners of The Letter and Spirit of Biblical Interpretation from our past episode For Instruction, Doctrine, and Morals. Follow the link to read more on the topic.

Deborah C. - Wheeling, IL

Trevor M. - Syracuse, NY

Johnnymae B. - Ambler, PA

Jonathan Master


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