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For Instruction, Doctrine, and Morals

James and Jonathan have a few questions about biblical interpretation, and Keith Stanglin is the right man to answer them. He’s the associate professor of historical theology at Austin Graduate School of Theology, and has written The Letter and Spirit of Biblical Interpretation, an overview from the early church to our day.

How helpful, really, is the history of interpretation for Bible reading? Is there a considerable difference between how the Bible was interpreted and applied in the pre-modern era, compared to today? If so, what are the differences, and why do they matter?

Dr. Stanglin deals with the historical-critical method, authorial intent, and the kind of student the Scriptural interpreter must be—and he’s not talking about the level of one’s education!

Show Notes

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1:14

Song of Solomon 1:2


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