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Insuppressible Truth

Jonathan and James welcome Gabriel Fluhrer. He’s a pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, and one of the main speakers at the Pensacola Theological Institute conference Insuppressible: Glory, Gospel, and the Design of Life, happening this summer in Pensacola, FL.

The science-faith debate continues to rage, so Gabe, Derek Thomas, and Douglas Axe join forces to present a theological and scientific case showing that the Bible stands up to scientific critique. Once again, we see that Genesis 1 through 3 plays a foundational role in our faith – and, in the whole of Scripture -- in this time of existential darkness.

As you enjoy the conversation, register for the conference, and prepare to witness Bible exposition and biology joining hands in a God-glorifying way.


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Insuppressible: Glory, Gospel, and the Design of Life

McIlwain Presbyterian and Pensacola Theological Institute

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