Introduction to a New Series!

As I begin this series, it seems right to introduce myself, since my training and experiences will inevitably shape the series. This blog will range from Biblical Exegesis to history of Christian thought to Ethics because my dissertation, on the exegesis of ethical texts in the Reformation era – tackled all three and I've taught New Testament, ethics, and the history of Christian thought at Covenant Seminary. I've also been a lead pastor twice, revitalizing a loving, small-town church and years later, leading a large university church in the most secular part of St Louis where secular people sat in the back rows and balcony every week. While my first goal was to edify God's people and lead them to worship and discipleship, I also saw the Lord lead secular people to us, so I tried speak in ways that were comprehensible to them. Similarly, while this blog is for confessing evangelicals, I hope secular readers find it too.

We're calling this blog is Faith at Work. Faith is the first term because faith in Jesus Christ, God and man, Savior and Lord, is our starting point. The series is faith at work because we are saved by faith alone, but saving faith is never alone. The Reformers put their faith to work in the public square. Resting on the gospel, Luther reformed marriage and work. Zwingli attacked the trade in mercenary soldiers. Calvin cared for refugees and the hospitalized and his teaching shaped finance, science, and theories of government. In this, the reformers followed the best early church leaders, who cared for the poor and the rejected. So this blog will consider the social ramifications of the gospel, especially in the workplace.

I thank Rick Phillips and Bob Brady, who invited me to write this column and hope to be faithful to their faithful partnership and yours in gospel ministry.


Dan Doriani