New from Alliance Publishing: Trembling Joy by Ryan Speck

Trembling Joy by Ryan Speck

What if worship style were more than a matter of personal taste? In Trembling Joy, Pastor Ryan Speck answers that question by turning to the Scriptures, showing how God's definition and description of worship should impact our own.

As Ryan states in his introduction, one of his goals in writing this book is "to challenge a new generation of worshippers to examine the spoils of a quickly won revolution, and to reconsider modern worship critically and Biblically." He is also writing to encourage "the conquered." We recommend it for pastors, elders, and laypeople. 

Terry Johnson states it well:

"In this book, Ryan Speck has provided a thorough, well-organized, comprehensive case for worship as historically understood by the Reformed church. The friends of Reformed worship will be encouraged, the rest would do well to consider how their practice of worship might be strengthened by the content, forms, and methods that Speck advocates. I warmly commend his work for your consideration."

Trembling Joy is the February Featured Product at Reformed Resources. Alliance members who participate in the monthly Friends program save 20% and receive free shipping. The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is pleased to offer this title under the Alliance Publishing imprint.

Be sure to listen to the most recent episode of Theology on the Go to hear Ryan discuss Trembling Joy and the topic of worship with Jonathan and James.


Robert Brady