R.C. Sproul, A Life Podcast

R.C. Sproul, A Life 

Reformation Bible College President Stephen Nichols joins Jonathan and James. Their old friend stops by to discuss the biography he’s written about pastor, teacher, and theologian R.C. Sproul. Nichols talks about his working and personal relationship with Sproul, and the wonderful experience it was to finally compile his memories and “napkin notes” into this lively book.

Who was R.C. Sproul? Nichols points out some of the doctrines that were dear to Sproul’s heart, and a few of the most important stands he took through the years. Hear about R.C.’s fascinating life, including the wide range of relationships he enjoyed with everyday believers, famous golf players, even rock stars! 

We’re pleased to give away copies of this great title, R.C. Sproul, A Life. Register for the opportunity to win one! The books are a generous gift from our friends at Crossway.

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