The Cure for Unjust Anger Podcast

The Cure for Unjust Anger

 Jonathan and James welcome Brian Hedges to the podcast. Brian is the lead pastor at Redeemer Church in Niles, MI and is responsible for breathing new life into one of the works of John Downame, a 16th century Puritan who was known as a “physician of souls.”

 In The Cure for Unjust Anger, Downame defines differing types of anger, distinguishing righteous anger from unjust anger…diagnosing the root causes of anger…and the motivations of the heart that give rise to sinful anger. Downame also suggests how to remove the causes for unjust anger. Is there really a just cause for anger? Editor Brian guides us through this latest gem from the Puritan Treasures for Today series.

We’re happy to offer you the opportunity to win a free copy of The Cure for Unjust Anger. It’s a generous gift from our friends at Reformation Heritage Books. Register! 


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