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The Newton Guy

 Keith Plummer is professor at Cairn University teaching a variety of classes related to pastoral ministry, apologetics, and biblical courses. He also happens to work next door to Jonathan and James, lending a comfortable familiarity to their conversation.

 Keith shares how he became interested in the life of John Newton, and how that interest affected his reading habits. What is it in Newton’s words that provides such a benefit for pastors and other readers today?

 Have you considered allowing the writings of a mentor from the past to influence you? Listen to Keith’s recommendation on where to start!

 Show Notes

 ·  The Works of John Newton published by Banner of Truth

·  Follow Keith Plummer

·  A Guide to Godly Disputation by John Newton

·  Thoughts Upon The African Slave Trade by John Newton

 We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to win a free copy of The Life of John Newton. Register! The books come courtesy of our friends at Banner of Truth.


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