The Same God Who Works All Things Podcast

Today Jonathan and James welcome—not just any old theologian—but an Adonis! That’s Dr. Adonis Vidu, author and associate professor of theology at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. His latest book describes the Trinity and, more specifically, the doctrine of inseparable operations. Unfortunately, the Church has begun to view the Father, Son, and Spirit as three distinct beings, each with a different mission. The doctrine communicates the correct view of God as one in three Persons, operating in inseparable unity.

Why is a correct view of the Trinity essential for the Church? How might an incorrect understanding of the triune Godhead affect our understanding of His divinity? Hear why Christ has always been about His Father’s work!

We have a few copies of The Same God Who Works All Things: Inseparable Operations in Trinitarian Theology to give away, courtesy of Eerdmans Publishing. Register for an opportunity to win yours!


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