Theology on the Go in Summary: Biblical Authority

Theology on the Go in Summary: Biblical Authority

We here at Theology on the Go want to help you to help others.  Often we are in a conversation with someone on a topic that we know we have seen on Theology on the Go but the podcast and articles are scattered over a two-week period, which is great for slow digestion of good spiritual food but not so good for handy reference!  So, we want to help.  We will be working to summarize a podcast topic and its accompanying articles on a single page for easy reference.  We begin with an important topic…

Today there are so many different voices claiming authority.  For example, the voice of tolerance reigns as a primary voice in the West. But the Christian knows better.   For several weeks, Theology on the Go has focused on topics related to the Blue Ridge Bible Conference held March 31- April 1. The series below anticipates that conference but it also helps us to remember the authority upon which we stand.


Podcast: J. Gresham Machen and Biblical Authority

Biblical Authority: The Preaching of the Word

Biblical Authority: Shepherding the Flock

Biblical Authority: The Bible and Tradition

Biblical Authority: The Bible and the Church Courts


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