Resident Aliens

Resident Aliens

Humans have been fascinated by themselves since the earliest times in the history of our race.

I heard a comment recently from one of the young men in our church that gave me pause for thought.

Too often the idea of ‘good works’ has been the Cinderella of Reformed discussion.

There seems to be a never-ending market in Christian circles for books on guidance.

In our last three articles that dealt with the sin-related petitions in the Lord’s Prayer we noted in passing how striking it is that such a large proportion of this prayer is focused on our fallen

The triplet of sin-related requests embedded in the Lord’s Prayer ends with the shortest, but in many ways the most potent of them all: ‘Deliver us from evil’.

It is all too easy to be so focused on the individual components of the Lord’s Prayer – the ‘petitions’ of which it is comprised – that we lose sight of its overall topography, or landscape.

The Lord’s Prayer is, without question, the best-known prayer of all time.

The day of Christ’s return will be the day he will ‘judge the living and the dead’.

Like nearly all the Christian Festivals (however many or few our particular churches may celebrate) the events marked by Easter can easily loom large on our horizons momentarily, only to be forgott