Ayako Miura – From Disillusioned Nihilist to Christian Author Ayako Miura was one of the best-known women writers in modern Japan. Her literary talents are evident and her books grip the reader’s attention from the first page. And yet, Japan’s literary guild has often relegated her writings to the...
Fear Podcast Jonathan and James lead a timely conversation about fear. As we all grapple with a viral pandemic—and the social isolation, anxiety, and economic uncertainty it can bring--fear can creep in, bringing with it hopelessness and even despair. How must Christians respond when the world is...
There's a blossoming author in our midst today and she's taking the Spin by storm! While riding the coattails of our most senior host's paper repoitroure, she inspires our "other" host to dream big. (He's making great progress with his coloring books, by the way). Yes,...


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