"Fairy tales, romance and adventure appeal to us, not just because they are different from our ordinary experience but because they present in easily assimilable form an essential element of that experience, the shrouding mystery of life and the tremulous human desire for an unseen glory." --S.L...
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Toothless Vampires and the Holy Grail It is often suggested that John Milton's Paradise Lost is a better read than his Paradise Regained. It is easier to describe evil than goodness, easier to record the terrors of Hell than the beauty of Heaven; --so the suggestion goes. It is certainly true of...
Carrying biblical overtones and set in the rural Iowa town of Gilead, Marilynne Robinson's second novel is the winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction--and with good reason. In a spare prose that rings with psychological realism and moral depth, Marilynne Robinson depicts what William...


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