Idolatry comes in many shapes and sizes.
Robert Spinney
Satan's strategy, first and foremost, is to make us forget that sin has concequences.
Our good works testify to the glory of our gracious God.
Many know the Westminster Assembly's work on the Confession and Catechisms; fewer may be aware of their efforts to develop a theology and practice of preaching.
The end of a series, focusing on a subject dear to Tyndale's heart.
Robert Spinney
A new series on the sources of and strategies against temptation.
Keith Kauffman
Rare is that jewel of a book that alters one’s life, perhaps changing a perspective on some particular topic, or perhaps more importantly, altering one’s views about God or His unfailing Word. A book that causes us to reevaluate something at the core of our identity as a child of God is a gem...
Ben Ciavolella
Anthony Burgess believed assurance of salvation was excellent, necessary, and possible.
Ben Ciavolella
Samuel Rutherford knew the wickedness of human hearts. Better still, he knew the One who heals them.
David Clarkson (1622 – 1686), a fellow minister with John Owen, offers some important insight into the nature of repentance.