Sinclair Ferguson
Take a moment to consider the life and work of "a profoundly Christ-centered preacher."...
If the Mosaic covenant was gracious, why did Paul seem to consider it "a ministry of condemnation and death"?...
Anthony Burgess helps us understand how not being "under law" does not leave us Lawless...
Robert Spinney
Can a little sin really be all that bad?
I was once asked what I considered the best theology text. I took a breath and as I did the person reiterated, “ The best.” Their emphasis on the definite article reminded me that they wanted one and only one. It brought me up short as does the question before me. What one book has made a singular...
Idolatry comes in many shapes and sizes.
Robert Spinney
Satan's strategy, first and foremost, is to make us forget that sin has concequences.
Our good works testify to the glory of our gracious God.
Many know the Westminster Assembly's work on the Confession and Catechisms; fewer may be aware of their efforts to develop a theology and practice of preaching.
The end of a series, focusing on a subject dear to Tyndale's heart.