“As long as he believes in something, that is what’s important.” With those words the man in front of me simultaneously dismissed the authority of God and justified a younger relative who had embraced an animistic system of belief. For the older gentlemen, it was the act of believing in something...
If eternal life is “a free reward promised to our obedience,” does that mean that we earn our salvation?
Robert Spinney
Make no mistake: Our God is slow to anger, but He will not acquit the guilty.
Is the concept of karma biblical?
Robert Spinney
Jacob, David, and Peter all sinned. Should we?
For Christians, there are proverbial perennial questions that are, well, perennial. Every May graduating Christians seek the will of God for where they will take further education. Every college student wonders who God has for them on campus. And after boy meets girl and both graduate they labor to...
“Who are these children, that idly ramble through the streets, a prey to growing depravity and vicious example?” Isabella Graham asked in 1804. By that time, she had already created a vast program of assistance to the needy, a program that included the very children she mentioned. So why were they...
Robert Spinney
Can a little sin really be all that bad?
As heirs of the Reformation, we rightly champion salvation by grace alone. If God was not gracious to us we would have no hope. The simplest definition of grace is: favor extended where wrath is deserved.
Robert Spinney
According to Satan, sin really isn't all that bad. In fact, it might even be good.