Introducing a New Series!

Today, at Place for Truth, we are launching another endeavor in the hope that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ will be served by our efforts. We realize the truth of what R C Sproul once captured in a book title – everyone is a theologian! Therefore, the question is not whether you are a theologian but how Biblically accurate is your theology? 

So, we are creating a program to help men, women and even children become better – more Biblical – systematic theologians.  It’s called, Theology for Everyone, and it’s our deep desire that it will serve not only to ground God’s people in good Biblical thinking but that it will develop systematic and theological thinking regarding God’s Word. 

However, Christian theology is not simply an intellectual exercise.  The transformation of our thinking is the ground of life transformation.  Therefore, our first series of articles begins with prayer because every good theologian approaches the Word of God with a simple cry, “Teach me, show me, and instruct me!” But not everyone finds prayer easy.  Some find it rather difficult.  Therefore, our first series of articles is not going to be on the nature of prayer or the beauties of prayer or how prayer intersects with God’s sovereignty. The first series will teach the very fundamental lesson, “How do I Pray?” 

Consider what Martin Luther said of prayer, “Ah, how great a thing is the prayer of the godly?  How powerful it is before God that a poor human should speak with the high majesty in heaven and not be afraid before him, but know that God smiles on him with a friendly countenance on account of the will of Jesus Christ, his loving son, our Lord and Savior! Here the heart and the conscience must not run away, neither remain in doubt because of its unworthiness, nor allow itself to be terrified.”

Our desire is to help you understand the friendly smile of God as you seek Him in His Son Jesus Christ. So, let’s get started with the first lesson of the theologian, prayer.

Jeffrey Stivason