When Christ was born, via a virgin birth

The skies were filled with angelic mirth

Who couldn’t give praise, or not be thrilled?

The ancient prophecies were now fulfilled

And central to redemption’s plan

The Son of God was born a man

He came from heaven, to earth to dwell

God with us - Emmanuel


Some shepherds came to see the sight

They paid their homage, that first Christmas night

And wise men too, travelled from afar

Gave gifts to the Christ – guided by His star


The Saviour grew up in a normal family

Living in Nazareth, near the Sea of Galilee

He laboured away in the carpentry trade

From stone and wood, various items He made

His divine identity was largely concealed

Until the time came, to be revealed

Then on one day, to John’s surprise

Jesus came to the Jordan, to be baptised

Where the Spirit descended, like a dove

And God the Father, expressed His love

He was in the wilderness for forty days

But to Satan’s wiles, He never gave way

Then He began His public ministry

And with many miracles, He proved His deity


He turned plain water into wine

He cast out demons – they entered the swine

With just two fish and five loaves of bread

Five thousand plus, were miraculously fed

Peter’s wife’s mother lay sick in bed

But one touch from the Saviour, and the fever fled

Lepers were cleansed, and the dead were raised

Lives were transformed, to the Saviour’s praise

With just a word, He calmed the sea

It all begged the question ‘Who could this be?’

At Caesarea Philippi, He asked this question

‘You’re the Christ of God’ was Peter’s confession

Then furthermore, on Hermon’s height

He was transfigured before them – turning dazzling white

And heaven again spoke, to the disciples’ fear

‘This is My Son – It is He you should hear’


Then some months later, the appointed time drew nigh

For the purpose of His coming – to suffer and to die

On trumped up charges, being unjustly tried

They nailed Him to a Cross: He was crucified

On Calvary’s tree, He shed His precious blood

To reconcile us sinners – to bring us back to God

He bore the sins of others, when He died on that tree

When we put our faith in Jesus, from God’s fearful wrath we’re free

At the moment when a sinner, is enabled to believe

A present, full salvation, is God’s promise to receive

For God’s own Son alone, can make us truly whole

And impart God’s salvation, to the needy, human soul


Christ died, and then His body, was laid in Joseph’s tomb

The disciples locked themselves away, in sorrow, and in gloom

Their hearts were very broken, yet, they were so very wrong

In thinking that their Greatest Friend, was now just dead and gone

For three days later, as He’d said, to them the Christ appeared!

Their sadness now was turned to joy, their souls were greatly cheered

He was alive, as prophesied - now risen from the dead

‘Come touch and handle Me, for real’ were the words to them He said


The Saviour conquered death and the grave

He arose victorious – He’s mighty to save

In Him there’s full salvation, for no money and no price

For all who realise their sin – and trust in Jesus Christ

He commissioned His disciples, He commanded proclamation

The message of salvation is for each and every nation

He ascended on a cloud to heaven – to the glory in the sky

And promised to return one day, in the future, by and by

Yes the sceptics always scoff, and the scornful have their say

But it cannot be refuted that Jesus lives today

Seated there in Glory now, enthroned at God’s right hand

He’s building up His Church on earth – the saved from every land

God’s purposes will triumph – not by force, and not by sword

But the preaching of the gospel – by the Spirit, through the Word

The church, it needs no gimmicks, it needs no special effects

Through simple gospel preaching, God will save His own elect


The Saviour’s final words to us were ‘I am coming soon’

Yes the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, to this fallen world of gloom

Our broken world needs fixing – Christ alone can make amends

And this will surely happen, when to earth He next descends

His people will dwell with Him, they’ll delight to see His face

And rehearse salvation’s story ‘I’m a sinner saved by grace’


So  be sure you’re trusting Christ today, or you will be but lost

Believe in Jesus, while you may – He paid redemption’s cost

His invitation still avails – you still can hear Him say

That ‘Every one who comes to Me, I’ll never turn away.’           


Timothy Cross is the author of over forty Christian books and many articles in Christian periodicals. A graduate of the University of Wales, he is a teaching Elder in a local church in Cardiff, where he currently resides. 


Timothy Cross