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Evangelical churches are full of traditions that have become sacrosanct. But it was not so long ago that many of these practices were brand new and being openly challenged by thoughtful and theological men like Charles Spurgeon. There is no doubt that certain "excitements" can get people to respond... Driscoll offers some helpful thoughts on the tendency within evangelicalism to create a sub-culture that insulates from the messy world.
Pyromaniacs posted some good insight on standard thinking among emergents on heaven ( Heavenly Minded? ).
More good stuff on the qualificaitons of elders by Thabiti ( Leaders at Home ). I found this posted by Rich Ryan and had to pass it along. Cable access must be the greatest thing since the internal combustion engine.
More on the qualifications of elders from "Pure Church" ( Not a Lover of Money ).
Justin Taylor has posted a link to a helpful review of Brian MacLaren's understanding of the Gospel ( "Gospel" vs Gospel ). MacLaren's theology is an atrocity but he is no dummy. Over the past 10 years he has gradually unveiled his beliefs. The combination of this gradual unveiling with American...
A good article and some helpful links from "Gazing at Glory" ( The Danger of Getting Bored with the Gospel ).
It's late here in Washington D.C. I am tired. I miss my family. I miss Metro East. Large cities are exhausting. It has been so long since I lived in Houston I have forgotten what it is like. Subways are crowded and filled with a parade of unfamiliar and, at times, familiar smells. Also, subways in...
Martin Luther once said that an uneducated layman armed with the Scriptures was to be believed above popes and councils without the Scriptures. As a seminary president and professor of theology, no one valued education more than Luther. He simply valued the unvarnished Word of God to the polished...
October 31st of this year marks the 490th anniversary of Martin Luther’s outrageous act of nailing his “95 Theses” to the door of the castle church at Wittenberg. It was, at the time, the shot heard round the world. The hammer blows were particularly loud in the ears of Pope Leo. Martin Luther was... I saw this posted over at "Expository Thoughts" and had to pass it along.
Justin Taylor posted these helpful words from Michael Horton. In light of the approach of Reformation Day I pass it along to you ( Catholic or Orthodox ).
The following is an important article by R.C. Sproul entiteld, “The Pelagian Captivity of the Church": During the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther wrote a little book that was highly controversial. It was a massive critique of the Roman Catholic sacramental system, entitled The Babylonian...
Most of us who grew up in evangelical churches were taught that the answers to everything from the presence of evil in the world to the population of heaven were ultimately due to human free will. It was almost reflexive. In fact, it would seem from many of the sermons and evangelistic invitations... Rush (the 3 Canadian guys)have been recording for 30 years. They are the best musicians in Rock. As a confirmed Rush fan I offer you a live version of "Red Barchetta."
The following is an article by Tim Keller called "The Gospel and Prayer." Principles One of the most basic things that the gospel does is change prayer from mere petition to fellowship and the praise of his glory. Galatians 4:6-7 teaches us that when we believe the gospel, we not only become God's...
This was posted by Phil Johnson. It is about as cool a story as I have heard in a long time ( As Good as It Gets ). Be sure to read the post before going to the radio replay. This should get you into the weekend in a good mood.
Early Monday morning the pastoral staff of Metro East is heading out to Washington D.C. We will be attending the "Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth" conference to be held at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. In light of that, I am linking to an interview of Mark Dever who is the pastor at CHBC ( Healthy...
Justin Taylor has posted a pretty convincing endorsement of Mike Huckabee ( Mike Huckabee ). It may surprise many Christians to know how many of their fellows do not believe in the necessity of faith in Christ if one is to be saved. But it is common among Chritsians to believe that there are other ways to salvation for those who never hear the Gospel. But... Very troubling. I have been aware of Billy Graham's evolving theology for years. In this unfortunate episode he makes it quite clear where he stands.
The October 20-26, 2007 issue of The Economist has an interesting advertisement from the John Templeton Foundation. It is a series of brief essays from well known scientists and academics responding to the question, “Does the universe have a purpose?” Among the respondents is Elie Wiesel. Wiesel is...
More on the qualifications for elders from "Pure Church" ( Sober, Gentle, Peacemaking ).
In the late 1980’s George Barna, Christian pollster extraordinaire, warned the church that if she didn’t get with the program and become relevant to modern Americans then she risked utter marginalization. He urged pastors to begin marketing the church the way successful companies market their...
Steve Camp posted this ( "...I am the Lord, I change not" ) wonderful article by A.W. Pink on God's immutability. Just in case my call for Joel Osteen to repent was not clear enough, here are some important observations from Mark Driscoll.
Justin Taylor has posted a helpful article on the New Testament teachings on divorce by Andreas Kostenberger of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ( Divorce, Remarriage, Piper, and Instone-Brewer ).
More from Pure Church on the qualifications of elders ( Able to Teach ).
Yet another example of creating God in their own image from the wonderfully mysterious, uncertain, and downright confusing and confused world of the emerging church ( Emerging Women ). This is great! As far as I know Taylor Mali makes no claim of being a Christian (although he may be). What I find fascinating however is that he seems to give a spot on diagnosis of what is wrong in much of Christian leadership these days. In the immortal words of...
Justin Taylor posted this helpful link ( Justification and Union with Christ ). Phil Ryken is one of our brightest pastor/theologians. Take time to listen to his session.
The doctrine of justification by faith alone has always been attacked. Of course it was one of, if not the central issue of separation between the Church of Rome and the protestant reformers. The Roman Catholic Church still rejects justification by faith alone and the imputed righteousness of...
More on the qualifications for elders ( Hospitable ).
This is a great reminder of the importance of substantive preaching from Wade Burleson ( the Peril of Souls ). It is also a reminder of the importance of knowing our history.
More on the qualifications of elders from FBC Grand Cayman ( Temperate, Self-Controlled, Respectable ).
This made me laugh ( Good Looks = Bad Theology ).
It is time for Joel Osteen to repent. His October 15th appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes was yet another reminder that this pastor preaches a message that can only be construed by the most generous of imaginations as the Gospel. Time and again on his many television appearances Osteen has admitted (...
This was posted over at Fide-O ( Trendy Pastors#links ). I remember when I was young and cool. Now that I'm forty and balding, it doesn't work too well. If I tried to spike my hair the people I pastor would not stop laughing. They know I'm not cool and it's okay with them. I don't even where a...
More on the qualifications of elders by Thabiti Anyabwile ( One Woman Man ).
Here is a link to some articles that Michael Horton wrote after his appearance on 60 Minutes in which he was intereviewed for a segment on Joel Osteen ( 60 Minutes, Osteen, and Horton ). Horton is one of the most articulate theologians of our day. His comments are thoughtful, truthful, and timely.
Considering the fact that Metro East will soon begin the process of prayerfully selecting elders, I will be posting a series of excellent articles by Thabiti Anyabwile on the biblical qualifications of those who serve the church as elders ( Those Above Reproach ). Take a moment and reflect on the amazing grace of God. Helpful words from Tim Keller on how to advance the Gospel.
Justin Taylor links to a good article by Stan Guthrie regarding Tony Campolo's "Red-Letter Christians" ( Red-Letter Christians ). For a long time I have been frustrated by editions of the Bible that have the words of Jesus in red. The danger is that we will assume that Jesus' words are more...


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