A List of Tops!

The New Year is a time for lists.  Top ten lists of this and top one hundred lists of that!  So, at Place for Truth we decided to make our own list of tops.  The first is a list of the ten most clicked (and hopefully read!) articles of 2018.  The second is a list of the top five podcasts of 2018.  Enjoy our lists!

The Top Ten Articles for 2018

  1. Amy Mantravadi, “Women Writing Theology”
  2. Mark Johnston, “Decalogue and Sabbath Discrepancy”
  3. Simonetta Carr, “Persecution in Turkey - Polycarp”
  4. Jeffrey Stivason, “He Descended into Hell”
  5. Simonetta Carr, “Bathsua Makin and the Education of Women”
  6. Simonetta Carr, “Horace Underwood – Korea’s Bundle of Fire”
  7. Dan Doriani, “Walking in the Light: Insights from Vaclav Havel”
  8. Simonetta Carr, “William Cowper – ‘A Stricken Deer’”
  9. Dan Doriani, “Sola Scriptura”
  10. Rachel Miller, “One God Three Persons”

The Top Five Podcasts for 2018

  1. The Preacher and Teacher Podcast
  2. Herman Bavinck Podcast
  3. Still Protesting Podcast
  4. Getting the Garden Right Podcast
  5. Echoes of Exodus Podcast
Jeffrey Stivason