Denial of Sex Distinctions is a Symptom of Evolution

God reveals Himself not as “Mother,” but “Father,” and so fatherhood is foundational[1] as is maintaining Biblical gender designs during the annual Gay Pride Month this June.

While prototypical man and woman were in many ways the same, they also were given sex distinctions so that they could fit together and function as one amazing whole. 

Mark 10:6 reads: But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.  Here, Jesus instructs that correct marital (and thus sexual identity) roles are determined by referring back to God’s pre-fall creation design of mankind as unalterably male and female.

We are wise to go back to Genesis 1:27; 2:18, 21-23; 5:2 to appreciate received gender designations.  Notice, “helpmeet” for woman means “counterpart”. 

Indeed, woman has a God-given way about her that is self-evident.  Her gender’s distinctions, with myriad superior subtleties, are of no little significance.

Females are unmistakably and wonderfully not masculine. They exude more feeling in a manner that feels like more.  They smell different.  They sound different. They move differently.  They look unique and look at things uniquely.  Their ears and hearts have nuanced sensitivities that round out their coarser counterparts.  They touch us, both men and fellow-women, with a distinctive instinct that is meaningfully softer and smoother.

Only woman can be mother.  Only female can be wife.  Her nature is so naturally hers that both the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible for “wife” are interchangeably “woman” and only discernible by context.

It is abnormal for men, as effeminate as many are today, to actually be feminine, and frankly, impossible.  What woman has inside her can only be cheaply imitated by a man to another man.  She alone can shine as female from within.  Only Hannah can cry and sing over motherhood.  Only Abigail can slow down David and make him marvel at her delicate influence.

While addressing gender relations, J. Montgomery Boice preached:

“… there [is] an attempt in our time to deny the distinction between the sexes … they’re said to be meaningless because the whole process of evolution is meaningless.  Many of the women’s liberation’s spokespeople today are saying that this matter of maleness and femaleness is simply an accident, if you will, a joke of nature, that needs to be overcome as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  Can a Christian take that position? Not at all.  Because what we’re told here in the early chapters of Genesis is that God created man both male and female.  Therefore, because God does not do anything without meaning or anything bad, maleness and femaleness is both meaningful and good just as everything else that God does is both meaningful and good.”[2]

Men and women are not fitted with the same parts, and even our souls naturally differ and complement one another, which is beautifully purposeful.  Boice encourages you to be what God made you:

“ … your maleness if you are a man is God’s gift to you of maleness.  And if you are a female, that femaleness is God’s gift to you if you’re a female … because this is the way He has chosen and seen best to arrange the human family and the human constitution and human society as we know it.”[3]

But let us especially and soberly meditate on this insightful clause by Boice:

“[sexual distinctions] are said to be meaningless because the whole process of evolution is meaningless.”[4]

A source of the modern sexual identity crisis explosion is the touting of the theory of evolution, which undermines God’s creative plan and lets “survival of the fittest” function as we see fit.  If we evolved into men and women, we can continue changing.

But such “revolution” is like trying to make two bolts connect.  You can saw off one bolt’s rod and drill a hole but no one would ever expect it to hold or help.  Or you can try and weld a shaft to a nut’s center, but it can only be roughly forced into the likeness of a bolt and will look ridiculous and break.

You just need a nut and bolt to fit in their marvelously arranged “bolt-ness” and “nut-ness” as prepared to be paired to hold things together.

Culture tries to forcefully reconstruct what cannot be of maleness and femaleness and humaneness.  Let us recognize a dangerous modern source of monstrous gender mimicking, manipulation, mutilation, and malfunction—the theory of evolution.  And that Denial of Sex Distinctions is Devolution.[5]

Grant Van Leuven has been feeding the flock at the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA, since 2010.  He and his wife, Fernanda, have six covenant children: Rachel, Olivia, Abraham, Isaac, Gabriel, and Gideon.  He earned his M.Div. at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Grant Van Leuven