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Last night I finished my pilgrimage through Augustine’s City of God . Considering it took Augustine almost a decade to finish book nineteen after starting I would say that I made better time on the reading than he did the writing. I wish that I could say all twenty-two books and eight hundred and...
On Our Bookshelves Every college professor, theologian, and pastor takes on a substantial load of book study in the daily performance of his duties. Most, however, enjoy a bit of leisure reading whenever possible, and our hard-working hosts are no exception. Today Jonathan and James discuss the...
As far as I know none of the books on my list have much to say about global pandemics. But they do have much to say about the goodness and sovereignty of God, anxiety, and our eternal hope. Knowing God by J.I. Packer A contemporary classic that can be read and benefitted from in every season of...


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