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Any child of the 80’s will remember the catchy theme song from the short educational cartoons, Schoolhouse Rock , which opened with that memorable phrase, “It’s great to learn, because knowledge is power!” And as far as much of life is concerned, this is true. Knowledge and wisdom can often be the...
The title of Ernest Hemingway’s first major literary success, The Sun Also Rises , draws off of the words of Ecclesiastes 1:5: “The Sun also rises and it goes down, and hastens to the place where it arose.” Hemingway cites Ecclesiastes 1:4-7 in the opening epigraph to the novel...
Several years ago, when my wife and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic, we rented a car to visit a dear friend who lived on the island—several hours away from where we were staying. But when we were set to return back to our resort, our friend told us about an amazing scenic drive...


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