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Attitudes towards worship changed significantly beween the 15th and 17th centuries, showing how Puritan worship, at its core, is Reformed worship.
Explore the life of this influential preacher and teacher.
Joel Beeke offers four practical applications to conclude his series on Salt and Light.
Our good works testify to the glory of our gracious God.
Is your Christianity mostly talk, or is it the power of God producing good works?
As Christ dwells in us by Word and Spirit, we reflect and radiate the light of Christ into the world.
A lot can be done with just a little salt.
Christians are called to be salt and light; the Puritans can help show us how.
Read the conclusion to Joel Beeke's serieis on Puritans, prayer, and world missions!
"The flame of prayer for missions bursts forth from a heart in love with God." Read more from Joel Beeke on the Purtian prayer for world missions.