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Events, Reformed resources, and more. Mark Daniels gives an update on what is happening at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Sign up for Reformation Sunday Watch When the Stars Disappear , the latest seminar from the Gap Center for Biblical Studies Find out more about the upcoming Quakertown...
This month marks the 20th anniversary of James Boice's home-going. To honor his legacy, the Alliance is offering a free download of the audio The Life of Dr. James Montgomery Boice . In addition, we are offering his last three books at a special bundled rate, and more. Visit
The Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology will be live-streamed April 24-30. Watch as Derek Thomas, Phil Ryken, Joel Beeke, Richard Phillips, and Cornelius Venema consider the broad themes in Revelation and provide clear guides for interpreting this Christ-exalting book. Join us for what...


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