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Does "love" belong on the list of Divine attributes?
McGraw: "My reservations about Gribben’s depiction of John Owen still stand, but the benefits that I have received from the book far outweigh them."...
Adoption can be a confusing and often neglected doctrine. Thankfully, one 17th century writer makes it plain for the rest of us.
Many know the Westminster Assembly's work on the Confession and Catechisms; fewer may be aware of their efforts to develop a theology and practice of preaching.
There are many ways that a baptism continues to affect the believer's life; Peter van Mastricht offers eleven...
Ryan McGraw reviews Beke's balanced approach towards the history of a controversial doctrine...
Bernardinus de Moor helps us understand the Object, subject, and ends of Theology.
A guide to one of the most influential books in Church history.
Mastricht offers a view of Scripture that is simultaneously biblical, Reformed, and refreshing.
Ryan McGraw readily reviews: Richard Hooker and Reformed Orthodoxy.
Theology is the doctrine, and faith the instrument: All for the purpose of living to God.
Ryan McGraw takes up Peter van Mastricht's definition of theology, which not only leads us to know right things about God but to know God himself.
In this installment of "Tolle Lege with Ryan McGraw," pastors are given four reasons to take up and read yet another systematic theology, this one from Petrus van Mastricht.