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The sixth commandment is “You shall not murder.” (Exo 20:13),[1] or, in the memorable KJV, “Thou shalt not kill.” The later vividly captures the word p

There are several places in the writing of the Apostle Paul where he warns that “the unrighteous shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” He goes on to furnish examples that, though not exhaustive,

A rift has formed in your relationship. Perhaps the chasm has been widening for years. Perhaps the plates shifted, as far as you could tell, like a sudden earth quake.

The writings of French reformer, theologian, and pastor John Calvin are often remembered by the Latin phrase “brevitas et claritas”.

December 25 is indelibly linked in most minds with celebrations of Jesus’ birth. What about March 25 (exactly nine months earlier)?

Have you ever wanted a fresh start? Perhaps you fumbled in some area – a marriage, a parent-child relationship, a job – and you longed to reset.

People love lists, from the Billboard Top 20, to 9-things-you-should-know-about-this, to 16-reasons-you-should-never-do-that.

We have all had moments in conversation when we did not understand someone, and anyone who reads the Bible comes across texts they do not initially comprehend.

Contemporary efforts to enrich public worship inevitably emphasize increased “congregational participation”.

John Calvin arrived in Geneva in June 1536.[1] He intended to stay one night.

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are signs of union (Rom 6:3-5) and communion (1Cor. 10:16) with Christ. As a result, they signify union (1Cor.

The name “Martin Luther” tends to conjure up solitary images.

I had been a professing believer for several years when I entered college, but I needed to learn holiness.

If you’ve been attending church, you have probably been encouraged to read your Bible devotionally, that is, privately, on a regular, daily basis.

So the pastor of the church you attend says the church is “confessional”.

Ministering in a small, rural town with over ten churches, all with relatively low attendance, I have often heard the question, “What makes your church different?” I have found this question diffic

During my first year of seminary, I took a required course titled “Spiritual Development”. Some question the inclusion of such a course in a program of formal theological study.

This week on Place for Truth the topic is Eschatology, or the study of Last Things (i.e., final, or ultimate, not least important things).

This week on Place for Truth the topic is Eschatology, or the study of Last Things (i.e., final, or ultimate, not least important things).

If you want to do something well, from running a company, to training for a marathon, to passing classes, keeping a house, raising kids, or cooking meals, it helps to have a system.

If a worldview can be likened to a set of corrective lenses through which one sees life and the world around them, it’s not hard to imagine why a proper worldview is important.